How do we do it?


We create a specification and estimation based on product catalogues, 2D and 3D geometry data which we receive from our client. We discuss the shape, the parametric functions and the user interface of the objects with our client. After the development work is completed and verified, we create the requested language versions, GDL library versions for all platforms (ArchiCAD / AutoCAD with GDL Adapter, Mac and PC) and compile the installer packages.


We specify the functionality of the add-ons together with our client. The client defines which versions and platforms are needed. We create a functionality plan including user interface design. Based on that, we plan the development and estimate the work. During the coding work, we discuss preliminary versions of the software and implement changes if agreed. Both our client and ourselves test the software, our client verifies the functionality within his real working environment, especially if data in- or output functions are implemented.


We receive 2D, 3D data, drafts and photos from our client, along with the description of the requested renderings. Our client specifies how many pictures he wishes, which perspectives are to be used. We discuss the level of detail, the construction elements, surface materials and the environment. As for animations, we discuss the duration of the movie and agree on a camera path and the movement of the objects.